Princess Nataleia on the Forest Moon of Endor

May 12, 2019 | Passion Cooks

Secluded in the remote corner of a galaxy far, far away, the forest moon of Endor is where sentient Ewok, Dulok and Yuzzum species stay. Surrounded by forests, mountains, savannas, and grassy terrain, this is a place where peace and goodness reign. Then it became the location for the battle of Endor welcoming battleships like the Death Star, Star Destroyer, TIE fighters, and more. All these elements became reality in #PrincessNataleia’s first birthday party. Meet our furry Ewok friends, who were hand-crocheted by our skilled artisans. They inhabit the village we made from bamboo, which served as a backdrop to Leia’s celebration. We added chair accents of Papua keeping with Endor’s forest feel. Our ceiling became the battle arena, where we hung battleships of different shapes, sizes and strengths.