Gleaming in Gold

May 9, 2019 | Passion Cooks

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon, the weather was perfect – not too windy, not too sunny, but just right. The ceremony was held on the roof deck garden of Blue Leaf Filipinas against what seem to be stacks of gold bars that is the City of Dreams. It was indeed a beautiful day to get married! The reception was just as breathtaking. Chandeliers, drop lights, gold fringes and white leaves filled the huge ceiling of the venue. Round bouquets of roses and carnations on tall glass cylinders at the center of each guest table, and a beautiful arrangement of white tulips for the VIPs. The stage was covered with fresh asters, and the clean white backdrop had the couple’s hand-carved names. The entire venue was gleaming with gold, while Jakin and Diane were beaming with joy.