Sweet Coachella Sixteen to Mavy and Cassy, we’re bringing boho-chic to the twins’ party!

Starting off with a handmade macramé curtain to welcome you into the garden, and expose a wooden ferris wheel with bright bulbs  and lush greens. As if the sky doesn’t hold enough stars, we’ve added more twinkle with pretty fairy lights.

Enter the dining area, where everyone sat on pillows atop round handwoven boho mats, and indulged in good food and fun conversations. We’ve filled the long table with fresh peonies, English roses, ranunculus, hypericum berries, eryngium, and tulips in gold and white vases.

We’re all about macramé lately, so we handmade our table runners to match the fringe curtains we hung with beautiful string bulbs, and the macramé chair from our photobooth set-up. Our backdrop also had a touch of these decorative knots with our wooden arc embellished with tulle and fresh greens with a macramé teepee. Parked in the garden is a customised mini van, where we served cocktail food and drink!

And to cap it all off, a birthday isn’t complete without “cake,” and so we made mint and teal French macarons with white chocolate ganache, accented with lily of thee valley and hydrangeas.

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