Of Elephants, Pineapples, and Two Future Mommies

Elephants, pineapples, and geometry, what do they have in common? A baby (or should we say, babies) shower!

Mommy Samantha Dominique Godinez Valenciano is fond of elephants, while mommy Micah Soliven-Chase has a thing for pineapples, but one thing’s for certain, they both love pretty things! We thought, hey, we love pretty things, too, and we find that geometric figures might stitch them all together — So here’s our take on their theme: A customized geometric elephant made of wrought iron, a geometric stencil backdrop, handpainted trees with geometric patterns, and a customized geometric chair.
Of course we had to make a geometric baby elephant, too!

Our tables were lined with pineapple runners, and topped with wooden boxes painted with pineapples and geometric vases filled with green hydrangeas, wax flowers, yellow Ecuadorian roses and eryngium. We added more elements to our spread with geometric elephants and pretty pineapple candle holders.

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